BOSCO – 18 month male. Bosco was brought in to a Missouri shelter as a stray and waited over three weeks for his family to find him. That didn’t happen and on Saturrday, August 13th, Bosco found himself in a car heading to Illinois and Recycled Rotts. He has a sweet personality, gets along well with male and female dogs (not sure about cats). Bosco likes to play ball but still has a puppy personality when it comes to obedience—he needs to go to obedience classes. Bosco, with all his puppy energy, would be best placed in a home with children over the age of 10 and with a family that has Rottie experience.

If you are interested in including Bosco in your family, please go to our Placement Page for our Placement Policies and online application



POPPY (Bart, Harley, Daisy,Wyatt and Henry hav been placed) are finally ready for their new homes. This litter of Rottweiler/Shepherd mixes came to us from Texas where they had been abandoned at 4 weeks of age.  Brought into a shelter, word went out that help was needed and Recycled Rotts responded. One long transport later they arrived in Chicago and have been in a foster home ever since.

These pups, who appeared with us on WCIU promoting our Ride for Rotties, ( are now 10 weeks old and individually lovable and cuddly and as a group rough and tumbley. They love to meet and greet everyone. They are already crate trained and working on their housebreaking.

If you are interested in including POPPY with your family, please go to our website Placement Page for our placement policies and online application.


VADA – 2 year female. Vada came to us from a local animal control where she had been brought it as a stray. Could the reason her owners did not claim her be that she needed surgery for entropion on both eyes? Probably. Once again we have dug deep into our pockets and found the $$$ needed to have this surgery done and Vada is now ready for a new forever home. Vada has a wonderful personality, gets along with pretty much anything, well behaved and has had some basic obedience. Vade would do well with children over the age of 5.

If you are interested in including VADA with your family, please go to our website">Placement Page for our placement policies and online application.

If you would like to make a donation to help offset the cost of Vada’s surgery, please go to our Donation Page for info on either donating through PayPal or mail.











UPDATE AUGUST 8 2016 -Juicy is doing fantastic in her foster home.   She is such a good girl, has some basic obedience and excellent house manners.   She would love to be the center of attention with a family to call her own.

JUICY – 4 year female Cane Corso.

JUICY was returned by her family to a local shelter. She is a very sweet girl and absolutely loves being around people. JUICY would do best as an only dog or with a male her own size. She is housebroken, crate trained and does know some basic commands. She is an ideal candidate for someone looking for a companion to hang out with or the first time Mastiff/Cane Corso. Juicy would love to have a fenced yard where she can play and she loves to lay out in the sun.

If you are interested in including JUICY in your home, please go to our PLACEMENT PAGE for our requirements and our online application.


TIERNEY – 18 month female.

From Tierney’s Foster Mom:   Tierney “T” has been in her foster home for 3 weeks and she has a long road ahead of her. She came in emaciated, filthy and afraid of her own shadow. She is leery of everyone and everything. After coaxing her out of the car with a cheeseburger trail from the garage to the house, she paced uncomfortably for the first two days. It was heartbreaking.

In this short time, she has put on some weight and shed her straw like coat to reveal a beautiful shiny black and rust coat. Even though we cannot get too close to her, she has proven to be quite the character. Her favorite past time is sneaking out of her crate to steal the throw pillows and anything else she can find along the way. She is not happy until her crate is full. Thank goodness she is only a hoarder, not a chewer.

Each day we push her a little more to acclimate to everyday life and she has proven that she is passive and increasingly curious. Her intense food motivation has helped her to come out of her shell a tiny bit each day. We are working on perfecting “come”, the only command she appears to recognize. She will not cross a threshold if someone is standing too close, but will take off out a door if left open a crack. We are still working on getting her used to a collar and leash as she takes off when approached. She is so afraid of most things, we have not been able to take her on a walk yet.

It is great to watch her alone in the backyard, you would never know the struggles she is going through. She runs around throwing her toys, sniffs around every corner, cools off in the shade, and sometimes basks in the sun. We can throw a toy, she will get excited and run after it, but once approached, the game is over. She wants to be a pup and play, but doesn’t know how and is not ready to trust. Last night I was allowed to really pet her, it was the first time she fully relaxed while being pet.

Tierney will require a lot of obedience training and socialization. She is crate trained, her crate is a necessity, her safe place. T will need a home with older children that are able to give her space during the transition.  As of today, no other animals in the house, she is especially petrified of dogs her size. She has a very high prey drive with all wildlife and will alert you of their presence with a loud carrying bark and howl to match. Tierney has met visitors, male and female, young and old – she does not like new people in her foster home, but will mind her manners and quiet down eventually. T is very intelligent and has so much potential waiting to be brought out.

Tierney is not quite ready for her furever home. When she is, she will need a committed family.  If anyone is interested in her though and would like to talk about her further, please either contact the rescue through our CONTACT FORM or fill out the application on our PLACEMENT PAGE.