KONG (male) and KANJA (female) – 2 year old Presa Canario, where given up by their owner to a local animal shelter. Both are good with other dogs, in fact they lived with a small dog. Both are housebroken and crate trained. Kong is a real lover and Kanja is a little shy but warms up quickly. Kong and Kanja have been in a foster home since they entered the rescue. They are doing very well and are ready to be placed in their new furever home. It is not required that they be placed together. Our ideal placement would be with someone that has Pressa experience, a fenced in back yard and adult children. Though it would be nice, these two do not have to be placed together. Kong and Kanja qualify for a reduce placement fee and out of area applicants will be considered. Please contact the rescue for more information.

If you would like to include either KONG or KANJA (or both) in your home, please fill out the application available on our website PLACEMENT PAGE (


BEAR – 4 year male.  Bear entered Recycled Rotts in September 2013.  He was brought to another rescue as a stray and was then transferred to Recycled Rotts. When he was found he was heartworm positive and has been treated. He is now negative and on preventative. Bear has been in a foster home, but it is time for him to have a home to call his own. He is quite the sweetheart and  loves the ladies, but can be really shy around men. Whatever happened in his past life is still with him and he does scare easily. Bear knows that the right family will see through this problem, go slow and work with him to build up his confidence. The key to his heart is a good game of fetch with a tennis ball. He loves his tennis balls. Bear has had some basic obedience but when excited still likes to jump, his paws flap and it almost looks like he is waving. Bear would do better in a home with a calm, easy going female dog of his size.  No small dogs or cats. Bear is also housebroken and crate trained.

Is there a home for Bear out there? If you think it might be yours  please visit our Placement Page for our placement policies and an application.







TYSON – 2 year old male. Happy, happy boy with a full tail that never stops. He will need some work on his obedience but is a quick learner. Tyson is good with female dogs his own size, but no small dogs or cats for this young man.  He is crate trained and would do well with children over the age of 10.

If you would like to include TYSON in your family, please fill out the application on our website placement page.


SIMBA– 2 ½ year male Cane Corso. Simba is a big boy, very laid back, obedient and good with other animals. Anyone who comes in contact with Simba immediately falls in loves with him and his sweet personality. Due to his size Simba would probably do best in a home with children over 10 years of age.  He would love to have a nice yard to run around in and someone who enjoys going for walks. Simba loves to get out and meet new people and has proven to be quite a show off.

If you think Simba is the dog for you, please fill out the application available on our website Placement Page.


CHAOS – 2  year male. Chaos is a very good looking boy, knows basic commands and will even off you his paw for a greeting “howdy do”. He knows how to do the rottie lean and then will quickly melt to the floor for belly rubs. Chaos is highly treat motivated and very easy to train. We have not had an opportunity to cat or small dog test, until we do we are recommending that if there is another dog in a prospective home for Chaos, it be a female his own size. Because he is a typical rottie, and has no idea how big he is, we also recommended that he be placed in a home with children over the age of 10.

If you would like to be considered for Chaos future furever home, please go to our Placement Page for our placement policies and an online application.


Meet MAC – 18 month male. Silly, silly boy and still very much a puppy. Mac has a great personality, but will definitely need to be enrolled in a basic obedience class. He is eager to please and will work for a treat, especially if it is a McDonald’s hamburger – hence the name Mac. He loves to be with other dogs and if his new home has a fenced in yard where he can run and play it would be ideal. Mac has no idea how big he is, so that is why we are saying at this time he would do best in home with children over the age of 10.

Is Mac the rottie boy for you? Please go to our Placement Page for our policies and fill out the online application.