LARRY At A Glance
Age – 5 years old
Alpha male, prefer to be an only dog
Crate trained

LARRY – 5 year male. Larry is a nice little man who will need an experienced owner.  Larry likes to exercise his right to be an alpha male, but learns his place if quickly corrected. Larry would prefer to be an only dog – no big dogs, no small dogs and no cats!. On the flip side he is crate trained and knows some basic commands. Larry would do better in an adults only home.

If you are interested in Larry and know he will be the perfect dog for you, please go to our PLACEMENT PAGE for our Placement Procedures and to fill out an application for placement.


CRUMB At A Glance:
Age: 2  years old
Good with dogs of all size
Housebroken/Crate Trained
Prefer Rottie Experienced Family

CRUMB – 2  year female.

From Crumb’s Foster Mom: ” Just a short note to send some pics of this gorgeous girl. She is doing well so far for the week we’ve had her. She is good w/our boys, loves pets is always up for a game of fetch. I plan on starting Crumbs in doggie day care in another week.”

Crumb is a sweetheart but she is also a typical strong willed rottie girl. She is good though with other dogs of all sizes, but we have not had a chance to cat test her. She is housebroken and crate trained. Crumb would do better in a home without small children and also a home with rottie experience.

SEPT 29 2015 – Update from Crumbs Foster Mom:
“Crumbs is doing very, very well here. There are no problems with her in the house, she knows how to be a guard dog without the “overboard” displays, she is affectionate, goofy, funny, and so pretty. Petting her is almost like putting your hands in downy feathers, her fur is that soft. And believe me, Crumbs LOVES pets, especially if they are interspersed with a nice massage. She listens very well, comes when called, leaves things alone if told to do so, is respectful of people who have food and are eating, takes treats softly, and is walking well on a leash.

We have noted that Crumbs’ #1 mission in life is to empty our toy crate of every single chew toy every single day. Once she has accomplished this, she will nudge around to find the perfect one to settle down with. Once that toy has enjoyed her company, Crumbs will then move on to the next one, then the next, you get the idea! If she has a toy in her mouth she is the happiest, biggest smiling, stubby wiggling girl in the world. She will come up to us, want pets while she’s holding the toy, then she will deposit it in our lap once the petting is finished, almost as if to “tip” us for the touches!

She does have her little peculiarities and still needs to build up her confidence. Certain things will get a reaction from her and she needs to work through them. But much, much better now than at first. And they are regular household noises along with new situations. But, she is doing well at doggie day care. Everyone is happy to see Crumbs come for a visit…she does hesitate when they take the leash, but a soft come on girl and tug will get her bouncing off to a day of fun with her furry friends. She gets along well in her play groups and always comes home eager to crawl into a crate and crash for a few hours. Crumbs believes she should be allowed to go for a ride every time someone grabs car keys; she is a very good passenger, especially if she has a few chew toys to make the ride most fun.

Would definitely put her in an “adults only” household, have not had a chance to get together with our grandchildren with her (that will happen next weekend). Anyone with a strong background in this breed shouldn’t have a problem working with Crumbs…she is definitely ready for her new family!”

If CRUMB is the dog for you, please go to our Placement Page for our placement procedures and application.


VITO At A Glance:
Age: Young male
Breed: Cane Corso Mix
Prefer home with Mastiff Experience

VITO – Young male Cane Corso Mix.  Vito is an absolute doll and would do well with children over the age of 5. Don’t be fooled by his sweet temperament though, Vito will not grow as large as a typical Cane Corso but we would still prefer to place him in a home with Mastiff experience and willing to take him to obedience classes. Vito will be a big boy and would enjoy a large yard where he can run and play.

If you are interested in including Vito in your home, please go to our PLACEMENT PAGE for our Placement Procedures and to fill out an application for placement.