ROMEO and JULIET are both 3 years old, very bonded and loyal to each other, and are absolutely love bugs. They look out for each other, and Juliet tends to Romeo whenever he is scared or needs comfort. They were raised together as pups with children and are very friendly and loving to all they have come in contact with. We would absolutely love to place them together, but do understand that this might not be possible.

Recycled Rotts couldn’t bear the thought of these two very sweet and bonded rotties facing a fate that was likely very unpleasant. Circumstances beyond their control left them in a situation where they needed find rescue immediately, as they found themselves homeless. As such, and with the help of many, many people, Romeo and Juliet made the long journey to Chicago and are now safely in our care.

If you are interested in adopting Romeo and Juliet, or would like to contribute to their care while we desperately search for the perfect home, please go to the Recycled Rotts website to fill out and APPLICATION or make a DONATION.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and love of Rotties, as you continue to help us, help them.


BLACKHAWK – 5 year male – What a name! We already know he will be a winner! This young man comes to Recycled Rotts from a rescue in Oklahoma and this IS his real name. He is such a good boy, but unfortunately he is heartworm positive. By the time you read this he will have already begun his treatment. Blackhawk (Hawk for short) is enjoying his confinement in a foster home. Even though he can’t run around and play with the other dogs, he does love his new canine friends. Blackhawk is also housebroken, crate trained and good with children.
If you are looking for a laid back boy, one that will just hang out, this is the boy for you. Even though he will not be ready to go to his new home for a few weeks,  APPLICATIONS are now being accepted.

HELP US, HELP BLACKHAWK by making a contribution to help offset his medical care. Donations can be made on our website DONATION PAGE

Thank you to the following who generously made a donation to help offset Blackhawks medical care:

Michael Angelo


KAIN – 3 year male Cane Corso.  Due to a housefire, Kane was temporarily rehomed in the garage of a family friend. It has been so hot and there was no place else for him to go,  so the decision was made to surrender Kain to a local shelter
Kain is wonderful with older children! He also is a very smart boy, he knows how to sit, come, stay, lay down, and walk nicely on a leash! Kain prefers to sleep right next to you in bed! Kain absolutely loves to receive some yummy table scraps! He is a very loving, very loyal dog. Kain can be protective at first but then warms up nicely once he knows you.
Here are some of the high, and low, points of Kain’s evaluation.
–Good around some dogs, depending on the dog, maybe one that is more submissive
–Has not been cat tested
–Nubbie starts wagging when seeing people
–Very, very clean. Apparently housebroken
–Walks great on the leash…
–He is very sad. He misses is family and the sooner he can be placed in a new forever home, the better.

If KAIN is the dog for you, please go to our Placement Page for our placement procedures and application.



ELLIE – 18 month Rottie . Ellie was dropped off at a local kill shelter right after delivery a litter of puppies. Poor Ellie was so confused, missing her puppies and her family. Recycled Rotts was able to immediately put her in a foster home and let her relax for a few weeks. Ellie is a real sweatheart. She is housebroken, crate trained and loves children. She is good with dogs her own size, but no small dogs or cats.
If ELLIE is the dog for you, please go to our Placement Page for our placement procedures and application.


CJ 1 year male rott/mastiff mix. CJ is another big, lovable sweetheart of a boy. When CJ first entered the rescue he was a little shy, but quickly warmed up and became quite a snuggle bug. CJ is housebroken and crate trained. He has had some basic obedience but would mind having a refresher course. CJ would love to have a yard where he can plan and a family to call his own.

If CJ is the dog for you, please go to our Placement Page for our placement procedures and application.



TOSH – 2 year female.

UPDATE -Tosh is doing great in her foster home. Her little personality just keeps getting better and better.

Tosh was so scared when we first met her in a local shelter, so scared she didn’t want to come to us. Now that she is out and in a foster home her little personality has come out. She is a very silly girlso full of herself. She does know some basic commands and does have good house manners. She is housebroken and crate trained. Tosh does well with dogs her own size but we do not know yet about small dogs or cats.

If you are interested in including Tosh in your home, please go to our PLACEMENT PAGE for our Placement Procedures and to fill out an application for placement.