MUNCHKIN – 7 year old Rott/Lab Mix. MUNCHKIN is a Recycled Rotts alumni. He was returned to the rescue when his previous owner broke her hip and could no longer take care of him. MUNCHKIN has lived in a home with small dogs and gets along with big dogs as well. He is obedience trained and very good with children. MUNCHKIN is currently in a foster home but would love to have a new family for the holidays.

UPDATE: JANUARY 4, 2017 – Munch is doing great in his foster home.   He is enjoying playing with his two foster sisters and hanging out with his foster dad.   Munchkin is a very low key boy, he is an excellent dog for an older couple looking for a companion or someone who just wants someone to hang out with.   He is well trained with excellent house manners.

If an older dog is the perfect dog for you, please go to our website PLACEMENT Page for our placement procedures and online application.


RUDY – 1 year Cane Corso Mastiff. Rudy is really a special boy. You might call him a ladies man of dogs. He loves to play with the foster girls when they come in. He has even allowed the ladies to take his “special” toys and chews. The funniest thing is the current foster girl is smaller and he will lay on the floor to play with her. He has visited pet stores with his mom and he is doing pretty good. He gets a little excited and wants to rush and meet the other dogs, but with more practice and some obedience training he is becoming a well rounded dog. He is eager to meet people and not as shy as he was when he first came to Recycled Rotts. If you have a female who wants a new playmate, Rudy is your pup/dog.

Rudy is completely housebroken and crate trained.  He enjoys going for a walk every night when his foster mom comes home from work and he loves to play ball one of his favorite things. Rudy would do well in a home with children over the age of 10 and a home that will be committed to taking him to obedience classes.

If you are interested in including RUDY in  your home, please go to our website PLACEMENT PAGE for our placement policies and online application.

VITO – 2 ½ year mastiff mix. Vito is a love all 60# of him. He is such a good natured boy who has a wonderful personality. He has basic obedience skills, is housebroken and crate trained. He is excellent with children and gets along well with other dogs. If you are looking for a companion to hang out with, go for walks or just sit and watch tv, he is your boy. VITO may be small in stature, but he makes up for it with his big personality.
If you are interested in including VITO in your family, please visit our PLACEMENT PAGE for our placement policies and online application.