MIKE – 4 year male. Mike is a short stock rottie male. He has a very sweet temperament, knows how to sit but will need some work on leash manners. Mike lets you do just about anything you want to him. He would do best with another female his own size, but no small dogs or cats for this boy. Mike would love to have a nice yard to call his own and a warm bed where he can sleep.

UPDATE – SUNDAY, JULY 27th – Mike spent time with RR volunteers on Saturday and according to him had the best time.

“Mike here! Went for a long walk today. I’m learning to walk nicely. Enjoyed just laying in the cool grass. I got some good tasty treats when I sat which I must say I do rather well. The down is a bit more tricky but I am getting better at it. Love to have my neck & ears scratched. Even though I’m a small guy, small dogs and cats will not be my best friends.”

Is Mike the rottie for you? Please go to our Placement Page for information about our placement procedures and to fill out our online application


ROXY – 2 year female Cane Corso. Roxy is new to the rescue. She is a sweet girl, loves people and is housebroken and crate trained. More information about Roxy will be posted soon.

If you are interested in having Roxy join your family, please go to our Placement Page to read about our placement policies and fill out the online application.


OLLIE - 9 month female. Ollie is doing great in her foster home, she is housebroken and crate trained. Ollie is a high energy puppy who will need to have plenty of exercise everyday to be successful in her new home. She is good with dogs her own size but no small dogs or cats. She loves to play with her foster brothers, she would wrestle all day long if she could. She does know some basic commands but definitely would benefit from obedience classes. Ollie would be an excellent agility dog she is the perfect size and has the energy and knowledge to be very successful at it. Ollie is a love but will need a family that is active and enjoys spending time with their animals.

If you are the family for Ollie, please fill out the online application on our Placement Page.


JANET – 18 month female. Silly and goofy are only two of many words to describe Janet. She is still very much a puppy, loves to play and would definitely benefit having a home with a fenced in yard where she can play with her favorite ball. Janet loves her foster home and is getting along very well with her foster brother and sister. She is housebroken and crate trained, loves to go for walks and is working on her obedience training.

Is JANET the Rottie for you? Please go to our Placement Page to read about our placement policies and fill out the online application.


Remember Bear? He came into Recycled Rotts in the fall of 2013 and is still here. All this time Bear has been in a foster home and even though he loves his foster family he would really like a home of his own.

Bear is almost 5, quite a sweetheart and really loves the ladies. Something in his past has been him very shy around men though and he does scare easlity.

We keep telling Bear that the right family is out there, just taking a little longer to find them. The key to his heart is a good game of fetch with a tennis ball. He loves tennis balls. He has had some basic obedience and is housebroken and crate trained. Bear would do better in a calm home as an only dog and no cats.

If  you are interested in learning more about Bear, please fill out the application available on our website Placement Page.






HOMER – 18 month male – Homer is a goofy puppy who will need to go to obedience school, unfortunately Homers previous owners didn’t bother to teach him anything.  He is very eager to learn and food motivated.  Homer gets along with other dogs and would enjoy having a playmate to show him the ropes.  Children over 10 would be best for Homer since he has no idea of his size.  Homer is a puppy and still has growing to do and things to learn, he will be an excellent addition to a family who has the time and patience to work with him.

If you are the family for Homer, please fill out the online application on our Placement Page.


MEET NEW MOM – CHLOE (10 month female) – Chloe is a love bug, with a wonderful personality.  She is good natured and well behaved.  She is housebroken and crate trained.  Chloe is good with children and other dogs.

CHLOE entered the rescue after she was given up by her owners to a local kill shelter. She was only with us for a week when she gave birth to 8 babies – 7 males and 1 female.  Chloe is an excellent mom – takes care of the puppies, no problems feeding and will allow her foster mom to assist her when necessary.
CHLOE’s BABIES - 2 days old – August 22 2014


CHLOE and PUPS UPDATE - Applications….. as you can expect we have been inundated with applications for Chloe’s babies. So many, that at this time we will not be accepting anymore until we have a chance to review those we have received.
To those families that have already submitted applications I would like to remind you that an application is not a guarantee of placement. Each application is reviewed and selection is based on those that will provide the best possible home for our dogs.  Chloe’s babies will not be available for placement until the middle of October.
In the meantime, please consider one of our older available Recycled Rotts. Puppies are cute and puppies are nice, but remember puppies are a lot of work. An older rottie, or mastiff, is already housebroken and many have had obedience training.
As always, donations are always appreciated to help us offset the costs of taking care of our rescue Rotties. Chloe and her babies are no exception. Donations may be made through Paypal at http://www.recycledrotts.org/wp/?page_id=54