SARAH – 2 ½ year female. From Sarah’s foster mom: “Sarah in one word is: DELIGHTFUL. She quickly became a member of the family (temporarily) and has been an absolute joy to have around. She has never had an accident in the house, doesn’t chew on anything she shouldn’t, is NOT a counter surfer and loves to play. She is also a quick learner, although she does have her “downfalls” – Sarah’s chosen mission in life is to pester all critters in or near “her” yard…she must rid our property of any bird, squirrel, rabbit, etc. that she sees or hears. She is learning that these critters have a place in the world and yes, she must share! Her other “fault” is still a bit jumpy on people, but we are working diligently on this area.

“Sarah loves to lean up against you for pets, massages, or just some kind words; she’s not going away until you comply. All of the boys have fun with her, running, playing tug of war, wrestling, piling up together on one dog bed, or sitting side by side to get a treat. She lets them know with a little warning growl when she doesn’t feel comfortable with their closeness and everyone finds their places. Sarah is also enjoying a day or two per week at Doggie Day care and is excelling in meeting new four legged friends…she has had lots of pictures taken of her during her time there; she always has a smile on her face & her tongue couldn’t be hanging out any further! The staff adore her, too!

“Sarah’s ideal home would be with no small children (still too jumpy). She has met our grandchildren and was supervised very closely during the initial greeting. She did fantastic, no jumping, but again, very close supervision. She took treats nicely from them and had a good time playing keep away. Sarah is crate trained and there have not been any food issues; she let the boys know how close they could come while she’s eating & everyone seems happy with “the rules”. This girl deserves a place in someone’s home…she is truly a lover, loves to learn and please, plus you’ve got to see her hopping around like Bambi. She gets so excited sometimes that her big ol’ stubbie goes a million miles an hour and her butt tries to keep up, she is quite comical. Sarah has a zest for life and would love someone to share it with. Please help Sarah’s dream come true.”

If you would like to include Sarah in your family, please fill out the online application available on our website Placement Page.

Would you like to SPONSOR SARAH while she is in our care? Sponsorship donations may be made on the Recycled Rott website Donation page.



LEO – 2 year male. Leo is new to the rescue. What we can tell you about him is that he is a sweet, sweet boy, very scared from being held in a shelter and Heartworm and Lyme Positive. Leo is giving Thanks this week that he is out of the shelter and lucky enough to be able to receive the medical treatment he so desperately needs. Leo is currently at our vet but will be going to his foster home in a couple of days where he will spend his Thanksgiving surrounded by a loving family and other canine friends. More information and photos will be posted soon.

Even though Leo is being treated for heartworm, applications are being accepted for his new furever home. Please go to our Placement Page for information about our placement procedures and to fill out our online application

Help Us, Help Leo by making a donation to help offset the cost of his vet care. Donations may be made through Paypal on our website Donation Page (please make a notation in the Notes to Seller area that this is for Leo) or mail to: Recycled Rotts Inc., PO Box 1082, Oswego, IL 60543. Donations received will be used to pay for Leo’s care. Any $$$$ received over and above his expenses will be used to help other Recycled Rotts both current and future.

Thank you to Leo’s special friends:
Michael D’Angelo
Judith Perle
Pat Howard
Karl Hacke
Joy Bruno
Laura Dunn
Kina Gilmack
Patricia Adams
Candis Carey
Paul Beyer
Ron Termini
Curt & Georgianna Pahl


BUDDY – 2 year male Rottie mix. TISSUE ALERT ! Buddy was left behind when his family moved and he wasn’t part of the pack up. He was a stray for months spending most of his days going through the neighborhood look for food. At the end of the day he would go back to his old home and lay on the porch. So heartbreaking to see him lay there waiting for his family to return, but they never did. Finally, after months of trying, a neighbor was successful in catching buddy and turning him over to rescue. Buddy has a lot of love to give, he just needs to know he is safe. He gets along well with other dogs would would enjoy a new playmate in his new home. Is there another family out there for Buddy? A low key family would be ideal . A family that enjoys hanging out and spending time together.

If you are the family for BUDDY, please fill out the online application on our Placement Page.

Thank you to:
Anthony Novak
for his sponsoring donation

Would you like to SPONSOR BUDDY while he is in our care? Sponsorship donations may be made on the Recycled Rott website Donation page.


BRUTUS – 1 year male. Brutus was left to die of starvation in a basement. He was not the only one in that cellar, but was one of the three lucky ones that made it out alive (the other two were non-rotts and are with another rescue). Despite all this, Brutus is a very sweet, smart and typical goofy rott. For a dog that was starved, he takes his treats with a very gentle mouth. He would love to attend obedience classes, not only to learn to be the best rott ever, but also to help build his confidence. He is used to being with other dogs, but for now we recommend that those dogs be of his size. Children over the age of 10 would be best. He would love to have a yard to play in and family to love.

If you are the family for BRUTUS, please fill out the online application on our Placement Page.

Thank you to:
Dennis & Mary Devitt
Kelly Garrigan
for their sponsoring donation

Would you like to SPONSOR BRUTUS while he is in our care? Sponsorship donations may be made on the Recycled Rott website Donation page.


ROXY – 2 year female Cane Corso. Roxy is new to the rescue. She is a sweet girl, loves people and is housebroken and crate trained. More information about Roxy will be posted soon.

OCTOBER 8 UPDATE – Roxy loves her foster home and playing with her foster brothers and sister are number one on her list. She enjoys toys and the big back yard. She also likes to go for daily walks and is getting much better on a leash. Roxy is housebroken and crate trained. She is quite the snuggle bug and loves to curl up next to you. Roxy is a very respectful girl and knows here place in the pack.

If you are interested in including Roxy in  your family, please go to our Placement Page to read about our placement policies and fill out the online application.

Would you like to SPONSOR ROXY while she is in our care? Sponsorship donations may be made on the Recycled Rott website Donation page.