DYLAN – 2 year mastiff. Dylan is a very sweet boy and a very big boy. He is currently in a foster home, is housebroken and crate trained. He is also doing well with the other animals, but prefers to be with females more than males.

You might remember last fall we had a female mastiff named Asia. That is Dylan’s mom. The idea was to keep Dylan for future breeding. Even though Dylan is quite a stud muffin, the breeding plan didn’t last long and now Dylan finds himself in rescue in need of a new home and family. Dylan will need a home that will give him time to adjust and will help him gain confidence. Let him know that that even though it is a big world, he will be okay. Once he knows everything is fine, he is fine.

If you are experienced with the mastiff and would like to include Dylan in your family, please go to our website Placement Page for our placement policies and online application.