Let’s Try This Again:

ANNIE, our beautiful 5 year old ANNIE is still waiting for her forever home. Annie is a wonderful girl but she is a strong alpha and will only work with very low key dogs.  This goes for males or females. If she had her wishes she would be the only dog.  She loves her toys and she does like to go around the block for a walk.  She can’t do stairs or an active lifestyle.  She is not a lover of children too active and all the chaos does not sit well with her.  To put it bluntly, she is kind of a crabby old bitch.   She is completely housebroken and crate trained.   She has excellent home manners and walks like a dream on a leash.    She has two bad knees from previous injuries that have caused arthritis this limits her long walks and stairs.   She also has a dribbling issue if not on Proin.   As long as she takes the Proin she is fine, it is not expensive and it works.   She takes Rymdahl and Gabapentin for her arthritis.

We know that a home is out there for Annie. For that special home, we will waive all placement fees. If you are interested in including Annie in your home, please go to our website Placement Page (http://www.recycledrotts.org/wp/?page_id=150