BAMBINO – 2 year male Mastiff. Living your life tied up in a car lot already sucks, but gets worse when the owner just ups and abandons you in the middle of a cold, Chicago winter.  That is what happened to Bambino. He was found with no food, no water and definitely no place to keep warm. Another dog on the lot just couldn’t hold on until help came and died. Bambino, though, is a survivor.

Bambino is friendly to every human he meets and loves to be massaged and receive a lot of hugs. He is a strong boy, but fine with the all over handling of his feet, teeth, ears and is a big smooshy snuggler. He already knows sit, takes treats gently and even allowed to have a bone removed from his mouth. He never had toys, so has no idea what a toy is….. but he would like to meet a few and have a chance to get to know them.

Bambino is ready for a family to call his own. Due to his size, we would prefer that if there are children in the family they are over the age of 12. He has done well with a female dog his own size, but would not recommend smaller dogs or cats.

If you are interested in including Bambino in your family, please go to our website Placement Page for our placement policies, rescue location and online application.