MELONIE—5 year female. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting MELONIE. What a sweet, sweet girl but so scared. It took a few minutes and a few cookies but she came over for some pets, She finally allowed me to give her a little hug, just a small one, but a hug.

Melonie has been with us for a while. Because she is scared, she has been difficult to place. What Melonie needs is a home with a woman, preferably older, someone who has the time to give this girl that extra care and attention. Be patient with her and help her overcome her insecurities. Preferably no children. But, if children come to visit, Melonie will be perfectly happy to be removed from the room and take a nap in a quiet corner of the house.
We know there is a home for this lovely lady and we will not give up on. Because we believe there is a home for Melonie we are WAIVING ALL PLACEMENTS FEES.

If you are interested in including Melonie, please go to our Placement Page for our placement policies, rescue location and online application