SAVANNAH and GEORGIA our southern belles from North Carolina are finally ready for placement. These sweet young ladies are approximately 2 years old and doing so well in their foster home. They are house trained and crate trained, probably could use some basic obedience classes, but already know how to walk nicely on a leash. Since they are sisters they have been together all their lives. Even though it would be nice, they do not have to be placed together. Savannah is a bit of an alpha and sometimes overshadows Georgia. Living apart would allow their individual personalities to come out and shine. We recommend that if there are other dogs in their home, they should be their own size. Savannah would do better with a male. No small dogs or cats. Children over the age of 10 are preferred.

If you are interested in including either SAVANNAH, GEORGIA or both in your home, please go to our website Placement Page ( for our rescue information, location and online application.