Here is the profile we never thought we would never post:

HANK our sweet 9 year old male from North Carolina is ready for his forever home.!!!

If you have been following Hanks story¬† on the Recycled Rotts facebook page (—-Hank is one of our North Carolina Threesome), you know that since he joined Recycled Rotts this boy has been through hell and back. Thanks to the vets at Yorkville Animal Hospital, they were able to find a medication for Hank that will allow him live out his life free from pain and discomfort.
Hank was found hanging around a McDonalds scrounging for food in late June/early July.  He was full of fleas and just worn out. He was taken in and fostered by a local North Carolina rescue. When we started planning our transport for Melonie and Nico they asked if he could hitch a ride and become a Recycled Rott.

While in foster care, Hank lived with other dogs and cats. He has a wonderful personality that has won over the hearts of everyone he meets. This boy who just 10 days ago was just hanging out, looking sad, is actually back up running around and playing. Hank is a fighter and truly deserves to live out his life happy and healthy. In order to help Hank get the family, and life, he deserves, Recycled Rotts is waiving all placement fees and Recycled Rotts will provide his medication for the remainder of his life.

If you are interested in including this amazing senior in your home, please go to our website Placement Page for our placement policies, rescue location and online application.