Placement Procedures

Rottweilers are wonderful animals and devoted family members when given the attention and treatment they deserve. If you are considering adopting a Rottweiler, information can be obtained by contacting Recycled Rotts. Please let us know what type of Rottweiler you would prefer, be it male or female, and what age range. Unfortunately, we always have a steady influx of Rotts, but, even though we receive so many rotties into the rescue, we might not have your pet right away. Applications are held, but, please be sure to contact us periodically. We ask for your patience. Also, Recycled Rotts reserves the right to refuse any placement.



Due to rising costs vet fees effective JULY 1, 2017, Recycled Rotts placement fee will be $375.00. This fee includes the following services: spaying or neutering, distemper shot, heartworm screening, fecal test (and worming, if required), Rabies shot, an overall health exam provided by a veterinarian, and ID tag with collar and an Avid chip to assist in reclamation if lost or stolen.

Recycled Rotts is located in northern Illinois in the far west suburbs of Chicago.

We do NOT do long distance placements.
Our placement area includes,
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin.

For those outside our area there are rescues in just about every state and Canada and plenty of wonderful Rotties that need a good home – probably right in your own back yard.

We read all applications and we will contact people for phone interviews within 24-48 hours. While we read all applications, not everyone will be selected for a phone interview. Only when an application is approved do we make an appointment with the prospective adopter to make sure the dog(s) would be candidates.

We like to meet all of our prospective applicants before a placement can be made, so we request that you come to us to meet your future companion. Recycled Rotts does not have a facility. Our dogs are housed in kennels. Recycled Rotts is also a 100% volunteer staffed rescue.

All applicants must be 25 or over. We will not place a rottweiler in a home where there are children under 5. Remember that Recycled Rotts has the right to refuse a placement.