Please remember that Recycled Rotts cannot accept owner surrender rottweilers from all over the country. We concentrate on saving the rottweilers that need our help in the Chicago area, and they are in abundance so we are never without rottweilers to save. Even when you are in the Chicago area, Recycled Rotts gives priority to rotties that are presently in animal controls and shelters. Owner give ups are accepted only when space is available. You are welcome to fill out the surrender form, or call and leave a message on our voice mail. If you have not received a response within 48 hours, please consider the rescue full and we are unable to help at that time.

If you live out of the Chicago area, you should check the Rottweiler Rescue National List to find a rescue organization near to your location and call them yourselves (cannot guarantee that all rescue organizations are in the network online). Also, it is recommended that you help yourself in looking for a loving home for your rottweiler.

If you have found a rottie with a Recycled Rott tag or otherwise identified as a Recycled Rott please contact us immediately. For other stray rotties, please call your local animal control or shelter. Recycled Rotts is not authorized to pick up strays, nor do we have the facilities to house them.

NOTE: If the rottweiler you wish to surrender was placed in your home by us, Recycled Rotts Inc., it is NOT necessary to fill this form out. Just call/email us and leave a message:  Recycled Rotts Contact Page or (630) 551-0729. It is written in your contract at the time of placement that we take our rottweilers back in the event you wish to surrender them.

If you would like Recycled Rotts to consider your dog
for acceptance into the rescue,
please click here for our Surrender Form