About Us

Meet the people behind the Rotts of Recycled Rotts
All of the board members of Recycled Rotts have at one time or another been active with animals. Most of us have either volunteered at a animal shelter or worked for a vet. Only one member of the board does not have at least one Rottie of their own. We have over 50 years of combined experience from which we can draw our knowledge. If we don’t know the answer, we are not going to lie. We will either give you whatever information we can or else tell you where you might obtain it. We try to work closely with our vets to ensure that our animals are medically sound when they are placed in their new homes. We insist that our Rotties are not treated like second class citizens just because they are “rescue” dogs.

Patti Samiec, President
Kerry Samiec, Vice President
Kathy Hernandez, Treasurer
Barb Williams, Co-founder and Director
Anne Simmons, Director

Our hardworking volunteers include Lori Danner, Bruce Davis, Greta Hoving, Krystal McPherson, Patty M iles, Cynthia & Dennis Reimer, Kim & Mike Riordan, Anita Majercin-Smith, Fran Suchocki, Sue Waughop and our Memphis Volunteers — Cissy Heppel and Laura Elliot . Without these people this rescue would not function.



Last but not least a very important member of the rescue — our angel. Like the man who came for dinner. Parker came and decided that this was were he wanted to spend the rest of his life. When he first came to Recycled Rotts, as with many of the dogs, we have to make an educated guess about their age. Parker had the appearance of a younger dog. After having him with us for over a year — it had been determined that Parker was much older(at least 9), but he was certainly better than many of the younger dogs that come to us. When he flashed one of his famous “ear to ear” grins you couldn’t help falling in love with him. Why then did he not get a home?? Parker was both hearing and vision impaired. The eye specialists diagnosed him with retinal degeneration which did not get better, only worse, and eventually he became blind. After trying to find a home for him, it was determined (actually Parker made that determination) that he was settled and why move on. He got along well with all of the dogs that lived with him or came to visit. He did prefer the females and younger dogs, while the occasional male that came through his home was given (by Parker himself) the lecture about how to behave. If they didn’t (and this only applied to the males), Parker would pee on them. So, Parker had become the unofficial mascot of Recycled Rotts.

You will probably see Parker’s picture appear at different times throughout our website. He has now passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, and moved from being our mascot to our guardian angel. Read about his passing and the other Recycled Rotts who have moved on to better pastures on our Memorial Pages. May Parker and all of our other Guardian Angels look over all wayward rottweilers, and watch over us as we do our work in saving and rehoming as many as we possibly can. Parker will be part of Recycled Rotts for the rest of eternity.