Memorials 5

In memory of some special rottweilers who inspired Recycled Rotts…

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Beloved friend and companion of
Brian and Leslie Schwartz
Adopted: September, 2006
Passed Away: January 3, 2013
Just under 7 years old.
We miss you, our little “Peanut”. 
You brought so much joy and laughter into our household!


Beloved friend and companion of
Lenny & Stacy Ball
Strong-willed, big girl who was always guarding her herd. Thank you for having her in our lives.


Beloved friend and companion of Brian and Leslie Schwartz
Adopted:  May, 2006
Passed Away:  July 23, 2015

We are thankful for the nine years we had with you.  You were the best snuggler. You were our protector. You cared for everyone who passed through our home. You were an ambassador for Rottweilers.  You truly were “Beautiful” and you are missed.

KING Green

AKA Charlie, Kingster, Kingo and Buddy
January 10, 2002 – November 19, 2012
John, Annette, Michael, Cassie and Jordan Green

Protector – King was always at work. He was always on the alert and took his job as Protector of our family seriously. Whether it was the mailman, another dog walker or just kids walking to the park – King always made sure we knew trouble might be lurking.
Best Friend – King was never in a room alone. If we moved, he moved. He took his turns sleeping in the kid’s beds. In our room, he was always at the foot of our bed close to the door. If we were digging a trench, he was laying right there supervising. If Annette was doing landscaping up front, he liked to sit in the front yard and show his presence.
Playmate – King would participate in all our activities. He loved to play guard in the family basketball game. He felt left out if he did not speak in conversations with visiting friends. He loved to play with his rope and he would tear it to shreds. He loved to chew on plastic water bottles until they made no more noise.
King provided our family with close to eleven years of loyal and loving service. He did an admirable job. His absence in our home has left an unimaginable void which can never be filled. The silence at times is almost too much to accept.


Lilly and Max Jaeger

Lilly who we adopted in June 2004 from RR went to the rainbow bride on 12/15/2014.   She was lost without  her best friend Max who went to the rainbow bridge on 12/2/2014. She was a sweetheart and will be missed. She is at the bridge with no more insulin shots and she can see! Run sweet Lilly Girl! We are all heartbroken losing two dogs in less than two weeks. Max on the left, Lilly on the right.
Thank you!
Jason and Karen Jaeger


"We are heartbroken in our grief but thankful for you coming into our lives to show us what unconditional love looks like. Mia, you weren't 'the rescue' -- we were. Rest in peace bunny hunter, we will miss you. M 2001-2012."

(Dennis & Dawn Tuskey)


Beloved Friend and Companion to
Tom & Florence Bayci

Adopted: March, 2009
Passed Away: August 2012

KEDZIE. She was a gentle loving companion to Greg, Debbie, Alyssa and Laura Santucci, rescued July of 2002 and passed July 2012. She will never be forgotten.


Beloved Friend and Companion of
Russ Benda
Adopted: October 2005
Passed Away: November 2012 (9 years old)



Beloved friend and companion of Dan & Geri Roman
adopted March 29, 2000
died December 25, 2005 (7 yrs old)



beloved friend and companion of
the Donatelli Family
adopted December 7, 2002
died December 31, 2005 (8 yrs old)
"She'll always be a treasured member of the family"

Nero (aka Gordon)

beloved Friend and Companion of
Melissa Gutierrez
adopted January 22, 2000
died January 2006 (7 1/2 yrs old)
"The best dog anyone could ever want. For six years he was my friend and protector.
A fun, intelligent and loving companion."


beloved friend and companion of
Joe and Connie Bersano
adopted February 27, 1997
died November 29, 2005 (9 yrs old)
"A wonderful loving member of the family.
He brought so much love and laughter into our lives.
What a great personality. He will be missed."


beloved friend and companion of
Bill and Elizabeth Thompson
adopted March 2, 2000
died March, 2006 (8 yrs old)
"She was the BEST dog we ever had, she was our baby, I only wish that she could have talked"


beloved friend and companion of
the Weintraub family
adopted April 18, 1998
died March 25, 2006 (10 yrs old)


beloved friend and companion of Beth and Robert Heller
adopted June 22, 1996
died June, 2005 (9 yrs old)