If you believe that you are ready to adopt a Recycled Rott, we ask that you first read and understand the following information regarding the breed.

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We like to meet all of our prospective applicants before a placement, so we request that you come to us to meet your Recycled Rott companion.

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Give The Gift That Lasts

As Recycled Rotts enters the New Year, we are in desperate need of the continued support of our friends and benefactors for our annual holiday appeal. By contributing to Recycled Rotts, your tax-deductible gift can save a life, or permanently improve the life of a homeless Rottweiler or Mastiff. Your donation will allow the volunteers of Recycled Rotts to remain focused on our goal of saving these sweet souls, all of whom would not have a chance without our intervention. Rescue is a heartbreaking, yet very fulfilling endeavor, and not one that we take lightly.

Recycled Rotts and our volunteers spend countless hours evaluating shelter dogs, interviewing prospective adopters or opening our homes to foster a sweet soul in need. We are often faced with animals in such dire need that it is crushing to the soul, yet we persevere knowing that without us, these innocents have no chance. When our dogs are placed with families that love them forever, or we see the transformation of an abused or neglected dog into a healthy and fun loving family member, all of the sacrifice is worthwhile and the awful visions and sadness are quickly forgotten.

This year has been the most difficult one in our 27 years. We saw more dogs coming to us with special needs, heartworm treatment being the most predominant. Additionally, we had multiple litters of abandoned puppies, and many more dogs with the need for advanced medical or surgical procedures. As a result, our operating funds are at an all-time low and will soon be gone. If this happens, the rescue will be forced to close, as we will have no other alternative.

Our plan for the future is to immediately begin steps to reorganize and become even better. As part of this, to reduce costs, we need to increase our number of foster homes, as this will allow us to save more dogs without incurring boarding or facility costs. If you are interested in opening your home to a rottie or mastiff in need, please let us know and we can talk to you about how rewarding this is. Lastly, and more importantly, we need to aggressively raise the funds that are required to keep Recycled Rotts afloat. We need you now more than ever, as without all of you, we are nothing. Please help us, help them, we are their only chance.

Let us take this holiday season to give thanks for what we have and remind ourselves that our strength and goodness lies within and gives us the power to change the world. Please be a friend and help us help the animals. Your generous donation will help us to continue to save these precious lives.

Have a joyous holiday season!

Patti Samiec–President
Barb Williams–Director and Co-founder
Recycled Rotts, Inc.

Recycled Rotts, Inc., P.O. Box 1082, Oswego, IL 60543
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Recycled Rotts 2016
January 1 – November 30

Total Incoming
Rottweilers and Mastiffs – 97
(Total Mastiffs – 34)
Placed – 85
Still Awaiting Placement -5
*Other – 7
*Includes returns to owners and euthanization




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