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UPDATE – May 16th. We had hoped that this update would announce that Gordy had his surgery and is on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, sweet Gordy developed a nasty upper respiratory infection. HIs surgery is now scheduled for May 23 or 24. At that time he also begin heartworm treatment. This boy has been through so much and deserves better. Even with this delay he knows there is a future for him with a family to call his own.

Donation for Gordy to assist in offsetting his vet expenses are still be accepted and are greatly appreciated. Click on the Donate button in this profile, or if you prefer go to our website Donation page ( and make your donation.
All of us at Recycled Rotts thank you and Gordy thanks you for anything you can give.


MEET GORDY. He was brought in as a stray to an area humane society. This sweet, skinny baby, was covered in ticks, walking with a limp and, of course, tested positive for heartworm. Despite all this Gordy has maintained a sweet and calm disposition. He is very friendly and was great with the vet when receiving his exams and vaccinations. He is so thin, it is hard to tell his age, we are guessing 2 to 3. Put some weight on him and this boy, with his blocky head and smooshy,/squeezy cheeks, is going to be a real looker.

The results of exam and xrays are: Gordy has a torn ACL on one side, and on the other, the knee suffered a dislocation. This is an old injury and will need surgery to repair. Our hope is this surgery will be successful, otherwise the only other option is to amputate.

All the while this boy is just being as sweet and wonderful as he can be. He knows he has finally reached the end of his years of suffering from abuse and neglect. He just wants to be able to get around, have a family and be a happy dog.

We took a chance on Gordy but cost for his medical is going to be close to $2500. So now Gordy is Taking a Chance on Us to get him well and into a home with a family he so deserves.