Ready for a Rott

Are You Ready To Adopt A Rottweiler?

If you believe that you are ready to adopt a Recycled Rott, we ask that you first read and understand the following information regarding the breed.

The Rottweiler was developed by the ancient Romans. In addition to guarding supply dumps at night, these dogs drove cattle behind the Roman legions to serve as a food source. Eventually, the breed found its way to Germany, where it developed into its modern day definition.

Known as the Rottweiler Metgerhund, or butcher dog, the breed was utilized for hundreds of years as a herd, draft and guard dog. A Rottweiler will be regal, self-assured, loyal and steady in temperament if given the proper attention when young. They must be socialized and taught their limits at a very early age.

Recycled Rotts recommends obedience training and positive reinforcement. Due to their heritage, this breed requires proper attention, both mentally and physically. Rotts need to be a part of a family as they are very people oriented and suffer when constantly chained or caged.

Please understand that even a Recycled Rott will test its new owner. If you set your limits and are consistent and fair when training, you and your Rott will thrive, sharing a happy relationship.